The life of Sudara blu is inhaled

I took a deep breathe, acknowledged all the beautiful blessings that continually come into my life, released all prior destructive dialog that has held me back in this lifetime and inhaled Sudara blu, my “beautiful abundance”. The word Sudara means “beautiful” in Sanskrit,  and the word blu equals the number “8”  in numerology which is our never-ending karmic abundance. Through Sudara blu, I seek to shed light on the conscious choices we make in life on a daily basis by what we wear on our bodies. I choose to advocate empowerment through encouraging and uplifting words. I choose to educate and encourage others to see the greatness in themselves and all that is given to them by feeling good with the clothing and hand made goods they wear.

Living in gratitude and appreciation sets a standard in all of us to lift up and see the brighter side of EVERYTHING which is presented to us. With each new day, I wake up with a clean slate. Opening my day with meditation and prayer, asking God to rise me up above judgment and to help me focus on forgiving myself for my mistakes and others, who I think have wronged me. Everyday, we wake up and we make that conscious choice to live our lives with responsibility, giving ourselves a creative space for growth.

In 1994, Dr. Masaru Emoto and his team observed crystals in in various types of water. When they put positive, loving words, images or music with the water molecules, they flourished. Based on what we have learned from Dr. Emoto’s theory and since 60% of our bodies are made from water, it is the intention of Sudara blu to uplift all wearers of it’s clothing to a higher vibration by wearing higher conscious clothing.

Sudara blu is apparel and hand made goods that truly expresses our true purpose in this lifetime. Words, affirmations and images that lift us up to the highest version of ourselves. Sudara blu is a clothing line to be worn with true intention and conviction, empowering all wearers to be the highest versions of themselves!!! Sudara blu seeks to shed light on the conscious choices we make in life on a daily basis.

Christina Baird, founder of Sudara blu, was born and raised in Northern California, and has made it her life work to be of service through accountability and contribution in her many communities. Christina practices conscious languaging and chooses to connect all through humanistic engagements as she creates an awareness of needs presented to her and her many platforms. She believes a community has the conscious choice to contribute or find avenues that can when presented with adversity or challenges.
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