This is what Choice means to me, it means every morning we wake up and we make conscious choices to live with intention, integrity and accountability. We have the choice to leave this world with an imprint for others to benefit from. We get opportunities presented to us in every moment of our days here on earth to help out those in need or to turn our heads in avoidance. We have the choice to be ok with ourselves when we lay our head down to sleep or to be constantly thinking of how we can contribute just a little more.  We have the choice to follow the masses without asking questions and thinking of what there is to gain personally. We have the choice to investigate what propaganda is fed to us and what feels right within our soul. We have the choice to make a difference and we also have the choice to sit in judgement, do nothing and just waist space. It is irresponsible to think that we do not have obligations to the choices we make in our lives. Sudara blu endorses the choice  of contribution and accountability with great new design. We hope you wear it with your truest intention!

There are three types of choices on how we see our intentions on a daily basis:

There are our wants. Our wants are just that. We want something but don’t necessarily “want” to work for them. Example: “I want that or go there.” That’s as far as it goes.

There are our needs. This is a desire that makes us feel like it is extra work or a burden. Example: “I need to get this done.”

There are our choices. this is where our highest choice comes in. We choose to accomplish our goals or fulfill our highest purpose through our highest choice. Example: “I choose to live a life of integrity and of my highest truth.”

This is what choice means to me.