The definition for the word Invincible is, too powerful to be defeated or overcome. For all those, who choose to use their inner strength to be the voice to overcome all the negative non-sense in the world, Sudara blu praises you and honors you. Strength can come in various voices and movements. Strength can be our voices, our endorsements, the way we live our lives and stand up for what we feel is right with our souls. Strength is trust, compassion, understanding, patience, wisdom, individuality and humility. We can overcome the mindless chatter which buzzes in the lower frequencies as a conscious movement.

Sudara blu cheers on all those who wear this shirt with ease and grace as they conquer the world and the communities they live in with loving kindness! This off the shoulder crop top looks awesome with a a tank top or bralette as a great layering piece or all by itself!