Do More Than Exist

Sudara blu embraces every strong, powerful woman that creates positive growth and valuable engagement in her environments. A woman, who seeks her highest truth even when her worth is tested is a true blessing to this world. We only have a limited time on this earth and it is up to us as contributory souls to create a better place to co-exist then when we arrived here. It’s important to live an intentional, accountable, affirmative and virtuous life, otherwise there will be no imprint when we are gone. Our energy is impressionable, creating a continuous contribution to the vibration of the universe with an ever flowing love for one another. We are Goddesses. We are Priestesses. We are Warriors. We are Mothers. We are Queens. We are princesses. We are Sisters. We are Wives. We are Partners. We are Healers. We are Light. We are Love. We are Assets to Society. DO MORE THAN EXIST!!!