Bless Our Light

Bless us all!

Whether you believe in God or a Higher Power, it is important for all of us to cherish our light that beems so brightly throughout the many opportunities we face on an ongoing “living of life” on this earth. Our energy is sacred. It is the highest, most pure versions of ourselves. Our true omnipresence is our only constant. Our light can radiate unto others, who sometimes forget how beautiful and blessed they truly are. If all of us remember our light, we can illuminate our universe to a greater consciousness and blind out all the hurt, ignorance and ego that dims our beacons when we sometimes forget. Sudara blu asks that you please do not ever forget your bright shine that lights up our world full of love, light and awareness.tank tops




Loretta was born and raised in Northern California with a passion to keep others fit and healthy! Loretta is a fitness professional with over 15 years of experience. She is 100% committed to seeing her clients reach their goals safely, efficiently and enjoyably. Loretta is the inventor and founder of two patented programs, Body Alignment For Life ( a self (ROM) evaluation) and the Dynamic Body Stretching System (an assisted (ROM) evaluation). She invented the software when she realized that many of her personal training clients had limited range of motion, joint stiffness and weak areas that could be significantly helped by regular specialized stretch/resistance sessions. Loretta also created the programs so other personal trainers could understand how to prevent injuries based on a client’s physical imbalances. Loretta loves the beach and being outdoors with her loved ones. Sudara blu is in alignment with her lifestyle and her connection to her constant pursuit of personal growth. She looks great in her Urban Ohm tank! Thank you Loretta for spreading the positive vibes!!!