About Us

Sudara blu means humility, beauty, abundance, loving, serving, true intention and grace. The word Sudara is Sanskrit and means beautiful. The word blu in numerology equals the number 8. Eight is the number of Karma, with it’s main attributes being of “giving and receiving.” It is also known for abundance, for what we put out in the world, always comes back to us. Dr. Emoto’s theory of the water crystals has impressed upon me to radiate positive and encouraging vibes where ever we go. It is important for all of us to be accountable for what we put in and on our bodies and hence, out into the world. Sudara blu is clothing and handmade goods that reminds us of our purpose and integrity to this truth.

Sudara blu shares beautiful abundance as we project it out into the universe with the clothing and homemade we put onto our bodies!

Sudara blu loves handmade finds, like bags, bibs, artwork throughout the world! Sudara blu chooses to support and provide a platform for artisans who are living their lives in their highest intention of expression.

These individuals are holding themselves accountable and are contributing to the growth of their communities through their lifework by using their local goods and services in their designs. Sudara blu honors them for their initiative and insight to provide goods and services to their communities while expressing their life work through their true artistic expression and intention. These items are perfect for everyday use and presents for loved ones. Please help Sudara blu support these artists by purchasing and sharing their work.

Please make sure to Stay Connected by clicking on the picture underneath  “Stay Connected!” on the bottom of any page on the Sudara blu website. Shoppers will get a first glimpse of all the new releases for Sudara blu. You will also get updates to new shopping carts, specials, deals, contests and more!  

The Sudara blu “What’s New!” link on the bottom of any page on the Sudara blu website will be frequently updated with inspirations for our new releases, Sudara blu clothing, apparel it’s wearers and their love for their new clothes and handmade finds with ease and grace! 

Sudara blu is so excited to connect with you on our site! Sudara blu is a cozy and inspirational clothing and accessory line designed with soft, functional and durable fabrics and designs so that you can be comfortable as you bless others with your lifework throughout your days! If there is an image and you do not see it on the apparel you prefer, please feel free to request it and we will do our best to accommodate you.

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