Welcome to Sudara blu!!!!

Welcome to Sudara blu!!!!

Sudara blu is apparel and handmade goods that truly express our true purpose in this lifetime. Words, affirmations and images that lift us up to the highest version of ourselves. Sudara blu is a clothing line and handmade goods to be worn with intention and conviction, empowering all wearers to be the highest versions of themselves!!!

Sudara blu seeks to shed light on the conscious choices we make in life on a daily basis. Please bear with me as the site is manifesting to my highest envisionment! The shopping cart is being built this week for all to shop at their leisure and of course, pure enjoyment. I will be filling it with Tank tops, T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Hats and Hip Bags. The tops are made of soft cozy cotton and our hats are made to endure any weather. An amazing seamstress is making our hip bags in great vibrant colors and light weight fabrics. Thank all of you for your support and encouragement with my newest project!!!

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Thank you to all the Sudara blu supporters and shoppers who are living their lives with Intention!

Christina Baird
(707) 738-9962